Stonelam porcelain slabs magnificent collection for building facades

Born out of natural resources and engineered to perfection, Stonelam Porcelain Slabs are nothing short of a work of fine art.

Top Stonelam Laminam site applications for building facades from all around the world

Born out of natural resources and engineered to perfection, Stonelam Porcelain Slabs are nothing short of a work of fine art. The world’s thinnest and lightweight porcelain slabs are the most perfect facade solution for the Indian context. Stonelam slabs provide a perfect edge-to-edge solution to building facades all around. They are sourced from Laminam SpA in Italy, an international brand that produces superior natural facades. These slabs challenge the traditional uses of materials where now it is used even for exterior architecture, interior design, and furnishings.

These finest natural building facades are crafted from the Stonelam Facade system (SFS) which is derived from the method of dry cladding; giving the slabs more strength and longevity.

Architecture on Canvas

Stonelam surfaces help in creating architecture on a canvas of nature. Natural facades powered by engineered precision come with a colour warranty of 25 years.

Architect Pulin Shah, Principal Architect, Kal Designs (Mumbai) when asked about the Laminam surfaces says, “Laminam is a much revered European product which ensures superior quality by taking into consideration the Indian lifestyle and conditions.”

These 3mm elegant and slender slabs are the thinnest surfaces available in facade design . They are also weatherproof making them free from constant wear and tear, having little to no maintenance. 

Architect SK Goel, Principal Architect, Conarch Architects (Delhi) quotes, “We have used it at many project sites. It has great exterior finesse. We chose it because of its durability and maintenance and it has rightly lived up to our expectations.”

Stonelam Collection for mesmerizing building facades

The Laminam surfaces collection has a mix of three series – Alpha, Beta, and Gamma. Let’s take a look at a few of the finest Stonelam Laminam Surface Applications that exude elegance and timelessness.

Alpha: Minimalism at its best

The alphas series is all about minimalism with a distinctive contemporary touch to it. It is an epitome of aesthetics merged with delicate beauty. Available in a range of 10 shades, this is a perfect choice for the ones who value aesthetics that captivate people.

Location: Delhi

Product Used: Filo Rame, Bianco Assoluto, Calce Tortora, Nero Assoluto

The Stonex experience centre in Delhi creates a state-of-art abstract play of Stonelam surfaces to bring out the beauty of natural facade design.

Location: Korea

Product Used: File Argento

This commercial building facade in Yangjae dong built-in 2013 uses Filo Argento from the Stonelam Laminam collection exuding an eccentric interplay.

Location: United Arab Emirates (UAE)

Product Used: Ossido Bruno

Al Faya Lodge & Spa by ANARCHITECT has used Ossido Bruno as decorative wall panels from the Alpha series to curate a space that highlights grandeur and luxury.

Location: Vancouver, Canada

Product Used: Bianco Statuario Venato

This feature wall of decorative interior wall panelling in Seylynn Village (2017) is a transition space that exudes drama through the minimalism of Stonelam surfaces .

Location: Modena, Italy

Product Used: Filo Mercurio

This Washroom Wall in a Private House blends the natural finesse of Lamina surfaces with wood panels to create a dynamic space.

Beta: Reflecting the Beauty of Nature

Location: Prague Czech Republic (2015)

Product Used: Oxide Avorio

This exterior facade for Meteor Centre Office Park has a dynamic play of laminam surfaces through stone wall cladding.

Location: Italy

Product Used: Fokos Terra

Sag Tubi’s Office Building exteriors has used the Laminam surfaces from the Beta series showcasing an eclectic aesthetic.

Product Used: Pietra Grey

This private house kitchen marble slab uses Pietra Grey from the Stonelam collection as a countertop creating a subdued statement adding depth to the space.

Location: Livorno, Italy

Product Used: Used: Oxide Moro

This Shopping Center exterior showcases an elegant and earthy aesthetic with its fresh and vibrant textures as stone wall cladding.

Gamma: Shades of Elegance

This series holds elegance, serenity and sophistication with 12 different shades that all spell — class. These shades are derived from elements of nature like Rock, Sand, Earth and Salt. And to add more to it, this series has a sensory aspect with a velvety feel due to the natural quality and inspiration.

Location: Milan, Italy

Product Used: Naturali Basalto Vena Chiara

This commercial building facade built in 2013 has a minimal yet eclectic palette of the Gamma series from the Laminam surfaces for wall cladding.

Location: Tokyo

Product Used: Basalto vena Scura

The MH Towers exterior facade is a sublime yet eccentric showcase that merges the natural stone finished facade design with the sustainable aspects of Laminam surfaces.

Product Used: Collection Neve

Cinema Linz takes the art of natural facades through a dynamic route with its angled facade that protrudes and concaves from time and again. It creates a dramatic appeal to this cinema hall adding a luxurious yet playful vibe.

Product Used: Oxide Nero

Parma commercial building exterior takes the Gamma series to the next level by introducing a seamless flow of natural facade design.

Product Used: Germany

Product Used: Fokos, Terra I Naturali, Pietra di Savoia Avorio I Naturali, Pietra di Savoia Perla facade

Fassade Köck High used a blend of various Stonelam Laminam surfaces to showcase a playful mix of colourful porcelain slabs acting as a seamless skin on the building facade.

What are your favourite picks?

The collection is a potent mix of international expertise and local intelligence that caters to a diverse range of audiences with an evolving taste in the new – age. Stonelam surfaces are taking the art of exterior architecture, interior design and furnishings to a new-found level. To know more about the collection, Go to product page.

Amit Mishra
Feb 14, 2022