The year 2017 saw the creation of Stonelam. A joint venture of the Stonex group, India and Laminam, Italy for the exclusive sale and distribution of slim porcelain slabs in India and SAARC countries. Laminam, that’s a name that resonates with 3mm thickness slabs category globally. The story of Stonelam since then has seen only an upward path.
We attained the category leadership in 2019 and grew to 170+ points of sales in 2023. Manufactured in Italy, the porcelain slabs by Stonelam are 100% natural. From this, we curated our core brand philosophy of putting Nature – Above All and there has been no looking back. With a diverse portfolio of 3mm, 5mm an 12mm thicknesses, Stonelam porcelain slabs can be used across a diverse range of applications such as building facades, flooring and countertops.

Stonelam Laminam - Production Plant in Borgo Val di Taro, Italy

Where innovation meets precision, redefining excellence in every porcelain slab