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25th August 2023

Guwahati, Ace Reflect

The Gold Award at Ace Reflect Guwahati for our exceptional stall design! This achievement reflects our commitment to innovation and excellence in every.

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15th July 2023

World of Architecture and Construction

Its a Unique B2B Platform for Architectural Products Manufacturers to showcase their ranges and to share the product knowledge with live demo to the Professionals.

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24th June 2023

Raipur, Ace Reflect

This award is a testament to our team’s dedication, innovation, and commitment to excellence. Grateful for the recognition and excited to continue pushing boundaries in our industry

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14th April 2023

Pune, Ace Reflect

The revolutionary impact of our 100% natural thin porcelain slabs on the facade industry. Proud to be at the forefront of innovation in architecture.

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