Stonelam: The Finest Kitchen Slab Material

The birthplace of food, flavours, and fragrance. Modular kitchen interior is expected to be classy, aesthetically pleasing and seamlessly functional. Presenting Stonelam porcelain slabs, a revolution in surfaces, sourced from Italy.

Offering efficiency and convenience, they make the perfect kitchen slab material for countertops having 12mm thickness and shutters by embellishing their aesthetics while keeping them safe from the various hazards that are common in an Indian kitchen household.

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hygienic surface

Baked at 1200°C, the slabs are hygienic, healthy and most convenient for food preparation. Thanks to its smooth and resistant surface, it does not absorb grease, odour, or bacteria, nor does it alter the taste of food. It keeps the hygiene of your modular kitchen interior intact for a long time.

scratch resistant

Among all the kitchen slab materials, Stonelam 12mm+ is resistant to scratches and deep abrasion. Its properties do not change even when it is subject to intensive use in the kitchen and frequent cleaning. We've tested the surface to cook some of the most challenging dishes from smoked tikkas to frozen chocolate cakes, right on the slabs.

stain resistance

The surfaces just don't stain even with the prolonged use of products such as Haldi, mustard oil, tea, coffee, olive oil, or lemon juice. Its colour and shine remain unaffected. Isn't that sheer relief. Thanks to technology and innovation, keep your kitchen countertop completely clean and stain-free.

compact surface

Stonelam slabs have almost zero porosity with water absorption of 0.1% only. Most kitchen slab materials are affected by water absorption that ruins their inner core.

zero impact

The slabs are resistant to bacteria, mould or fungi. They inhibit their growth, and are easy to clean with no regular maintenance necessary.

resistant to heat and high temperatures

Stonelam porcelain slabs are made of 94% of raw materials with little to no organic matter involved. The finished product is 100% resistant to fire and heat, making it the most ideal kitchen slab material you need for a safe and beautiful kitchen.

dimensional stability

Stonelam 12mm+ is not subject to dimensional variation of any significance, as it has a low coefficient of thermal expansion.

easy to clean

Simply with warm water and a neutral detergent. They don't stain from excessive use too. They are as magical as they sound.

fire resistant

No organic materials are used in the production of these slabs. When in contact with fire, it does not burn nor does it emit smoke or toxic substances.

no sealing is required

Generally, natural stones are sealed after installation and they need to be resealed every few years to prevent potential problems. Stonelam, however, does not need to be sealed when installed because the fire glazing acts as an effective barrier to moisture.

ease of installation

Stonelam natural slabs can be installed easily and swiftly owing to 12mm+ compared to 15 or 20mm. The lesser the thickness, the lighter and easier it is to carry and install.

resistant to thermal shock

Sudden temperature changes do not damage the slabs.

large slab sizes available

Slabs up to 3240 x1620mm are available. Compared to natural stone slabs, Stonelam slabs are larger and allow for full coverage of kitchen islands in one piece. Larger slabs also require fewer seams or grout joints that look seamless and beautiful. This speeds up installation and reduces seam complications and cost.

porcelain is 30% stronger than granite

Porcelain is 30% stronger than granite, thus making it the firmest and ideal kitchen slab material for countertops.

resistant to detergents and cleaning products

Resistant to detergents and cleaning products, just a single swipe of dry or wet cloth can get rid of any persistent stains from the countertop.

frost resistant

With a water absorption level of 0.1%, Stonelam slabs are resistant to liquid or frost and can handle low temperatures with ease.

resistant to chemicals, acid, alkalis and solvents

One of the only kitchen slab materials that are completely resistant to chemicals, acids alkalis and solvents.

eco friendly

Stonelam slabs are made from eco raw materials and sustainable technology. They do not emit any harmful substances into the environment.

Your taste in aesthetics is above all

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