Debunking Common Myths About Stonelam Porcelain Slabs

Stonelam is responsible for bringing Italy’s finest natural facades, Laminam, to the Indian population with the aim to take the quality of wall cladding solutions to a more deluxe level. Stonelam Porcelain Slabs are engineered to perfection with stain-resistant, scratch-resistant, fire-proof and maintenance-free properties. These porcelain slabs are optimal to be used in applications in building facade, modular kitchen, interior walls, and furniture.

Stonelam Porcelain Slabs are the pinnacle of wall cladding materials in the market, being Architect’s first choice due to their aesthetic appeal and safety properties. But there remains a few myths regarding our slabs that the audience may have the wrong impression about. Through this blog we aim to debunk such 5 myths that people might have regarding Stonelam Porcelain Slabs:

“Stonelam is only meant to be used for exterior purposes”

Truth be told, the most widely used application of Stonelam remains as a wall cladding material for building facade. So it’s possibly fair to say that the audience might be inclined to believe that our slabs are more prominently used exclusively for building facades but that is definitely not the case. Our porcelain slabs could be widely used in interior aspects from walls, kitchen countertops, and bathroom.

“Since Stonelam porcelain slabs are so thin they could be easily broken”

It is true that Stonelam Porcelain Slabs are the thinnest slabs in the world but their quality of rigidity is unmatched in the area of wall cladding materials. 94% of these slabs are made from the natural raw materials that can withstand all the wear and tear thrown towards it by external factors thus by no means, could be easily broken.

“The maintenance cost of Stonelam could prove to be very high”

It goes without saying that the price of maintaining something luxurious has to be higher than usual, right? Well, that is certainly not the case with Stonelam Porcelain Slabs. The rigid stain-resistant, dirt-resistant, and scratch-resistant properties of Stonelam almost makes your maintenance cost nearly obsolete. Any dirt or even the most persistent of stains could be easily wiped away with a single wipe of a wet cloth if you are using them indoors.

If you have installed Stonelam on your buildings then you only need to do wet cleaning once every 6-8 months. Even then, the occasional rainfall is also more-than-enough to fend off all the dirt on Stonelam surface and make your building return to its former shining glory.

“Stonelam could prove to be difficult & costly to install”

For something as delicate and luxurious as Stonelam Porcelain Slabs , it is another myth among the audience that our slabs could prove to be difficult & costly to install on walls, which is certainly not the case.

You can install Stonelam through two ways: Wet Cladding & Dry Cladding.

Wet Cladding is the most sought installation option for wall cladding materials but in regards to Dry Cladding, we have our own installation system called “Stonelam Facade System” a form of dry cladding where components that are installed to the structure of a building to form nonstructural, external surfaces. This is different from buildings in which the external surfaces are formed by structural elements, such as masonry walls, or applied surfaces such as render.

With Stonelam Facade System, the installation of our porcelain slabs are easy and quick to install along with advantages like:

  • Making sure laminam doesn’t fall from the wall
  • Better security for porcelain slabs against weather hazards
  • Making Stonelam look more aesthetically pleasing
  • Provide a quick installation, the quickest in the wall cladding installation solution.

“Stonelam is quite costly so maybe it is better to opt for ACP or HPL for cost-effective cladding solutions”

Stonelam took the initiative to provide the best wall-cladding solution in India. The price of our porcelain slabs are equivalent to the quality & longevity of our slabs. Sure, ACP and HPL are much cheaper in comparison but they do not possess the aesthetic quality and safety features of Stonelam.

Stonelam also comes in with a colour warranty of 25-years whereas the life of ACP & HPL sheets are only around 4-5 years. In comparison, buying Stonelam once is equivalent to buying ACP or HPL five times. Surely, Stonelam proves to be more cost-effective for you in the long run!


Stonelam is adamant to provide the people of India with the wall cladding materials of utmost deluxe quality and aesthetics. We understand that our prices may start a series of myths in the market, but we assure you that if you want the best for your building facade, then Stonelam stands at the pinnacle of wall cladding materials.

Amit Mishra
Mar 19, 2022