9 Reasons that make Stonelam the best facade material

Stonelam facades are designed to reinvent architectural design and derive inspiration from nature. The highly precise engineering offers the world’s thinnest and largest slabs that exude grace and appeal.

9 Reasons that make Stonelam the best facade material

Stonelam facades are designed to reinvent architectural design and derive inspiration from nature. The highly precise engineering offers the world’s thinnest and largest slabs that exude grace and appeal. With the aesthetics and functionality of Stonelam, we now delve into the factors that make Stonelam the best > facade material in India.

The unique attributes make the slabs appear like the natural skin of the structure. Options for facade design with Stonelam surfaces can dramatically enhance the visual appeal of a structure and make it look even more magnificent and timeless, bringing out its true elegance.

Architect SK Goel from Conarch Architects quotes, “We have used it at many project sites. It has great exterior finesse. We chose it because of its durability and low maintenance and it has rightly lived up to our expectations.”

To respond to the developing interests of modern clientele, Stonelam aims to get a strong blend of international competence and local techniques. For facade architecture, interior decor, and furnishings, it offers reinvented attributes and functional aspects which retain the original beauty of the application surfaces.

“We have been working with Stonelam for more than 5 years now. We were looking for facades that would be durable yet aesthetically pleasing, and Stonelam rightly did the job.” says Architect Kapil Agarwal of Spaces Architects, Delhi.

How Stonelam Laminam is value for money.

One of the most significant advantages of Stonelam surfaces is their appearance. The Stonelam facade system is built of high-quality materials. There is a misconception that Stonelam slabs are priced on the higher side as compared to other traditional cladding materials but the truth is that Stonelam porcelain slabs are a cost-effective purchase. This robust facade solution outperforms most of the other materials in terms of appearance and will transform your creative ideas into state-of-art visual masterpieces.

  • Laminam is one of the pioneer brands to introduce natural facades in Europe. Imported from Italy, these porcelain slabs upgraded with cutting-edge technology create the world’s tallest, thinnest, and long-lasting facades.
  • Even graffiti or scribbling on these slabs can be easily removed with the use of a few light chemicals and water. 
  • Stonelam is the only official supplier and distributor of Laminam in India, as we aim to provide premium cladding solutions to the people of India. 
  • Crafted and engineered to perfection, these porcelain slabs come with a 25 year of color warranty where are able to retain their shine and colour against all sorts of weather hazards.
  • It is immune to all types of weather conditions and, at the same time, it can be used in a variety of ways, from indoors to outdoors. In addition, there are 32 shades to pick from. As a result, it offers structural durability while also lending a very natural appearance.

With these benefits, the Stonelam price in India is worth investing to achieve the most out of the world-building facades or even interiors.

Choosing a Stonelam slab has more advantages that make it a valuable investment

  • The Fibremesh Advantage
    Stonelam uses a double-coated Fibremesh to structurally strengthen its porcelain slabs. This provides for better adhesion to the existing framework and a more durable treatment.
  • Cut To Fit Your Walls Perfectly
    panels are 3 meters long, equivalent to the height of a normal Indian room, against 2.4 meters for other manufacturers. This translates to a precise fit, no waste or harsh cuts.
  • Weather Proof
    Stonelam slabs are resistant to moisture, UV radiation, extreme temperatures, and frost. As opposed to conventional solutions like ACP, HPL, and paint, this allows them to preserve their characteristics and chromatic qualities for longer periods.
  • Dimensional Stability
    Because Stonelam 3mm+ slabs have a low coefficient of thermal expansion, they are not prone to significant dimensional change.
  • The Hydrotect® Advantage
    Vertical surfaces coated with Hydrotect® technology respond to UV light, decomposing any organic debris and eliminating nitrogen oxides while also cleaning. As a result, the slabs are capable of minimizing any deposition on the slabs.
  • Extremely Lightweight
    Stonelam slabs are simple to handle and provide a less dead load to structures since they weigh just 8.2 kg/m2 and have a thickness of 3mm or more. Other benefits include cheaper application costs, time efficiency, and less waste.
  • Perfect Cuts
    Stonelam slabs can be cut with extreme accuracy and in different shapes, eliminating the need for extra cutting. This avoids unnecessary waste, lowers expenses, and improves aesthetics.
  • 25 Year Colour Warranty
    Stonelam is one of the few companies that offers a 25-year color warranty due to its confidence in the product quality and manufacturing processes that are one of a kind.
  • High Bending Strength
    The bending strength of Stonelam’s thin and largest slabs is 50N/mm2*. This puts it ahead of the competition, which uses significantly thicker slabs of 6mm and 9mm. Their distinct physical-mechanical characteristics enable them to tolerate a variety of stresses.
  • Fire-Resistant
    Made from natural raw materials, what makes Stonelam stand out from its competitors in the building facade material is that it is 100% fire-resistant. Materials like ACP, HPL, and Laminates are flammable by nature that burns rapidly when caught on fire. The addition of Stonelam not only gives the most beautiful cladding solution to your building but also makes it safer from catching fire.

Choose the best facade material in India with Stonelam Laminam

With such an exceptional material quality and an exhaustive list of benefits of these porcelain slabs, no other product offers great functionality with such elegance. As compared to materials like ACP, WPC, or High-pressure laminates, Stonelam stands apart with its intelligent and precise engineering along with elevated aesthetics.

Amit Mishra
Feb 4, 2022