4 Reasons Why Stonelam is better than ACP & HPL for facade solutions

When it comes to building facade solutions, the majority of people opt for something that is simply beautiful to look at.

4 Reasons Why Stonelam is better than ACP & HPL for building facades

When it comes to building facades, the majority of people opt for something that is simply beautiful to look at. Paint, tiles, concrete and bricks have been the common facade solution for decades but time is changing and so are people’s perceptions of the perfect building building facades. What people want is a long-term solution that would not only provide beautiful aesthetics to their building but also protect it from the various environmental hazards.

Today, the two most popularly used materials for building building facades in India are – Aluminium Composite Panel (ACP) & High-Pressure Laminates (HPL). ACP & HPL come in beautiful designs & textures and there are various advantages to applying them on the surface of a building but they also have a fair share of the cons that most people tend to overlook in favour of their cheaper price.

But today, the Indian market can witness the most premium building facades solution in the form of Laminam – Porcelain Slabs brought to India by Stonelam. Engineered to perfection with luxurious aesthetics and numerous advantages, Stonelam is the epitome of building facade materials in the Indian market today.

Let us explain the 4 reasons why Stonelam Laminam is better than ACP & HPL for building facades!

Stonelam comes with a 25-year colour warranty

Stonelam porcelain slabs are forged by a process called Sintering which is the same process that is used to make American Diamonds, lending it properties that can withstand the test of time and endure everything that Nature can throw at it. Therefore we offer a 25-year colour warranty, ensuring that once you choose Stonelam, you choose a long term facade solution for your building.

In comparison, the average colour life of ACP Facade is 3-5 years where HPL only lasts for 4 years before their colour starts fading and you have to replace them.

Stonelam not only proves to be the better choice over its competitors not for its features and advantages alone, but it also proves to be a cost-effective solution in the long run. Stonelam is nothing less than an investment where you trust in a superior quality product for 25 years over something that you will have to change every 4-5 years.

Stonelam Porcelain Slabs are 100% fire-proof

As much as aesthetics are important, it is important to opt for a material that not only makes your building exterior beautiful but also protects it from hazardous situations like fire.

When it comes to ACP, their core layer is made from polyethylene or polyurethane that is flammable by nature. The same goes for HPL Sheets that are highly flammable to fire or any sort of extreme weather conditions like humidity where they can easily get damaged.

On the other hand, Stonelam Porcelain Slabs are made from 92% natural stone raw materials that are completely resistant to fire. Stonelam not only adds an unhinged aesthetic to your building but makes sure that it remains safe from any fire hazard.

Stonelam is easy to clean with no maintenance cost

The exquisite stone finishing of Stonelam Porcelain Slabs is so smooth and sturdy that they come with stain-resistant properties. Even the most persistent of stains can be easily wiped away with a simple swipe of a wet cloth leaving an ever-shining surface on your building. If your building is cladded with Stonelam Porcelain Slabs then you don’t need to worry about its maintenance costs, as Stonelam only requires a simple swipe once or twice a year.

On the other hand, ACP & HPL sheets are very much susceptible to getting dirty upon coming in contact with stains. They require regular cleaning throughout the year where their cleaning and maintenance process could prove to be costly with the kind of materials to be used.

Stonelam is resistant to all types of weather conditions

Whether it is humidity, rain, environment corrosion, dust, moisture or any extreme weather conditions, Stonelam can withstand any type of weather conditions and make sure that your building remains unhinged without any damage.

UV rays can easily damage the colour shine of ACP & HPL sheets making your building look faded and dull. In coastal areas, where weather and temperature are brutal, Stonelam Porcelain Slabs are most considered because they can withstand all the environmental hazards throughout the year.

Conclusion – Why Stonelam is the most preferred option for building facades over its competitors

Every material has its pros and cons but when it comes to Stonelam, our porcelain slabs are engineered to perfection for the new-age modern and exquisite building facades. With Stonelam, not only will your building exterior stand above all in aesthetics but also remain sturdy against exterior hazards and withstand its natural shine for decades.

Sandeep Kumar
Mar 15, 2022