Stonelam: An exclusive distributor in India for the finest facade & wall cladding materials from Laminam Spa, Italy

Laminam Spa, Italy has been the pioneer in producing ceramic slabs that are manufactured out of naturally found resources. With expertise in creating thin large-sized porcelain slabs, Laminam has taken the art of exterior architecture and facade systems to a new level. The brand is an exclusive distributor of the finest wall cladding materials in India with Stonelam, from the house of Stonex India.

Redefining the art of wall cladding materials with Stonelam

Laminam Spa was founded in 2001, as a pioneer business in the building facades sector offering large-size thin ceramic slabs; a first of their kind in the architectural sector, which then moved to interior design and furnishings.

Later in 2015, they produced a ceramic slab of 1620 x 3240 mm with a thickness of 12 mm, to be used as an application for kitchen countertop slabs, bathroom porcelain tiles and other surfaces. With a beautiful look and finish, Laminam produced a wide range of sizes with an enhanced technicality that revolutionized the art of interior facades in architecture.

Today, Stonelam is responsible for bringing one of Italy’s finest porcelain slabs manufacturers to India which is sure to impress the Indian population with its beauty.

Stonelam : International expertise meets Local Intelligence

  1. Made From Natural Raw Materials

Bringing Laminam in India, Stonelam provides natural stone facades that are inspired by nature. These finest natural surfaces form a beautiful skin over the building facades . With little to no addition of toxins, the naturality of these slabs offers rigid properties to withstand the impact of external factors for decades.

  1. Perfect Fit

The size of a Stonelam Porcelain Slab is 3x1m that easily provides an edge-to-edge installation in context for Indian homes providing a perfect fit for walls with zero wastage. These slabs are lightweight, easy to handle and don’t add any load on a building upon installation. Thin and lightweight, the production, transportation, and installation cost of these slabs are much lesser compared to its competitive counterparts.

  1. Scratch & Stain Resistant

With their sturdy surface, these porcelain slabs offer a scratch-resistant solution and their surface remains intact even after years of cleaning or occasional scrubbing. With their seamless smooth surface, any kind of stain can be easily swiped away with a single wipe of a cloth. With these exceptional sturdy properties, the maintenance and cleaning of Stonelam Laminam is extremely easy compared to other cladding materials.

  1. Safest Cladding Solution

Obtained from naturally recyclable resources with sustainable properties allows Stonelam Porcelain Slabs to be resistant to all sorts of weather hazards like frost, humidity, UV rays, and corrosion. Quite possibly the biggest feature that makes Stonelam the best wall cladding material in the market is that it is 100% fire-resistant and does not catch fire at all. This not only provides the most elegant aesthetics but also the safest wall cladding material for your building facade.

Stonelam Facade System

Using the technique of dry cladding, the Stonelam Facade systems offer unparalleled protection from rain, wind, snow, and natural degradation. Dry cladding, being an exterior skin, acts as a barrier or a siding material to safeguard the interior from the exterior while keeping the original finish intact through time.

Amit Mishra
Jan 31, 2022